Phillip Baiz of the Baiz Realty Group
Keller Williams

Baiz Realty Group we understand that when it comes time for a loved one to deal with the Probate process, it is never easy. You have to think about courts, all kinds of paperwork, your family, rightful execution of the estate and also take time to grieve. It might get confusing or even overwhelming but know that at Baiz Realty Group, our purpose is to help you make sense of the whole process. With an experienced team and over a hundred probate transactions under the belt, we are the best outfit to provide help, consultation, indispensable service like moving, cleaning, sales for a smooth overall process and cash investors willing to purchase within days. Quick response time, patience and humanity are only a few of the things that set us apart. Visit today. Were here to make this tough time less stressful and we are always here for you.

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